SAFCOcast 20: the Elements of a Traveller Game!

In this episode Jeff and Bob discuss the basic elements of a Traveller game, as detailed by Marc Miller in the Traveller Book.

Before that Bob does a short correction from the previous episode,  we do Internet Finds, and some fun Rules Finds, as well as present the last of the planets submitted in our Random Planet Generation Smackdown! (that system appears below, under the relevant links).

Relevant links:


Random Planet #9!

Faddle – from Pete Burke

C589632-8   Ni

Faddle is a cold, icy world with most of the surface covered in permafrost.  

There is a band approximately 400 miles wide around the equator that is comfortable and is actually considered pleasantly tropical.  The atmosphere is dense which helps create the effect Faddle is famous for – the floating “Udrassi” mats. 

Udrassi is a native organic lifeform that straddles the line between fungus, plant and animal life.  The udrassi combine into large circular floating mats that organize around a central hub.  On each hub,  three pools of amino acids are arranged in a triangular pattern – early colonists to the planet were able to quickly determine that by adding saline water of specific concentrations to the pools in certain sequuences, the mats could be raised, lowered or steered and also directed to attract or repel other floating mats. 

The mats are extremely strong – some colonists built houses and larger buildings anchoring into the mats themselves.  It wasn’t long until early colonial families created resort hotel compounds for tourists by assembling larger mats together – and by manipulating the hub pools on the mats, small towns developed by combining mats together.

The planet is mostly a recreation destination – the floating lifestyle of the permanent residents is very laid back .  Some floating resorts stay in the tropics all year round, while others float to a mountain range south of the equator in the permafrost region where a ski resort has been set up.

5 thoughts on “SAFCOcast 20: the Elements of a Traveller Game!”

  1. I’m in the middle of listening, but wanted to mention how jack of all trades works in Cepheus. (I gave away my black books years ago, so I don’t have them for comparison).

    Normally, there’s a -3 penalty for doing something involving a skill you don’t have, but each level of joat reduces this penalty by one. I guess joat-4 would be useless, but I think levels 1-3 are a good balance of being useful and not overpowered.

  2. I was glad to hear you say good things about Freelance Traveller. I’ve been reading that zine for years. You (rightly) pointed the Starport article in the current issue, but I wanted to give a shout out for “The Plague Robbery” which was a good, short adventure, easy to drop into many ongoing campaigns.

    Also, there was no link in your show notes for Freelance Traveller.

  3. I just wanted to say that you can now download issue #002 of Cepheus Journal. I hope you like it.

    Also, you didn’t say anything about that Brett from Reavers’ Deep, are very much involved in Cepheus Journal.

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