SAFCOcast 36: MayDay 2024 and other stuff with CyborgPrime

Traveller RPG space ship

We’re back again! It’s that time of the year. Mayday is near, and thus it is time to talk about it. Joining us is the organizer of the online Traveller celebration, Frank Succardi, also known as CyborgPrime.

We talk about Mayday, and we talk about some of Frank’s other projects, including some work he’s doing with AI.

All the information about this year’s Mayday Mayday can be found on Frank’s website, here.

And of course, Franks product can be found as well on CyborgPrime Games.

You can find Che Webster’s Roleplay Rescue blog/podcast here.

This episode’s theme music is Crystal Math, by the Speculative Machines podcast.


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