SAFCOcast 21: Mailbag, Rules and Internet Finds, and Session Discussion

This first light image from the Callisto telescope at the SPECULOOS Southern Observatory (SSO) shows the famous Horsehead Nebula . First light for a newly commissioned telescope is a tremendously exciting time, and usually well-known astronomical objects such as this are captured to celebrate a new telescope commencing operations. The SSO is installed at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in the vast Atacama Desert, Chile, and consists of four 1-metre planet-hunting telescopes. The project’s telescopes are named after Jupiter’s Galilean moons, and are neighbours of ESO’s Very Large Telescope and VISTA . SPECULOOS will focus on detecting Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby ultra-cool stars and brown dwarfs.

In this episode we read some great email’s from listeners! Lots to think about! We also cover Internet Finds and Rules Finds, and discuss the latest session of our Into the Void Classic Traveller campaign!

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One thought on “SAFCOcast 21: Mailbag, Rules and Internet Finds, and Session Discussion”

  1. I’ve caught up, so I’m now going back and commenting…

    Yes, you do get a positive modifier for physical training when you have low Intelligence. You have to remember what RPGs looked like in the 70s/80s. The “jocks vs nerds” mindset was very strong in those days, *especially* among the people most likely to be playing RPGs back then.

    It’s even visible in things like D&D, even now. A wizard benefits from high INT, but a Fighter benefits from high STR.
    Isn’t Intelligence valuable to a Fighter too? Being able to read your opponent’s moves, better able to understand patterns or identify weak points? Nope, Wizards smart, Fighters dumb.

    Blame it on where the hobby was at the time and then realize that it’s your game and you can run it however you like. In My Traveller Universe, I ignore chunks of canon because I don’t feel that it “fits” with the game I am running. I ignore that rule. Feel free to do the same.

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