SAFCOcast 28: Mayday 2022 Preview

In this episode we talk to CyborgPrime, the main organizer of the upcoming  Mayday 2022 Online Traveller event, and Greg Caires of Virtual Traveller, who (along with Ken Patterson) is organizing the online game sessions for event. The main event day is, of course, Sunday May 1, but there will be virtual games going Friday and Saturday (so as not to waste the weekend!).

We’ll learn a bit about the event’s history, how it is organized, who is involved, what is going on, and most importantly — how to keep track of it and be involved!

You can find all the links here on the official event page, on CyborgPrime’s site.

Episode artwork by the legendary William H. Keith Jr.

2 thoughts on “SAFCOcast 28: Mayday 2022 Preview”

  1. Gosh peeps, thanks for all the nice words about my fine yacht. Glad you enjoy it. And as usual this year I will again be doing the corporate sponsorship with two more hard cover HERALDs.

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